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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare Related Questions, Answered for You

What should I expect when I come for my appointment?

Our pharmacists will conduct a risk assessment based on travel itinerary, your immunization history and any medical conditions. Based on this they will make recommendations as to what vaccinations and travel advice for you. 

Will I be able to get vaccinations completed on the first appointment?

Most of the time this will depend on which vaccinations our pharmacist recommends for you. A lot of vaccines can be administered at the same time. However, you might have to come back for a booster dose. 

I can't remember what vaccinations I have had in the past and done have a record. Is this a problem?

It will be great if you have paperwork of your previous immunization history. If that wasn't the case, you can go to any public health unit in Alberta and request an immunization record for free. This will assist us in giving an accurate recommendation when we complete your risk assessment. We can also have access to previous government immunization records; however, we found these records are not complete all the time. 

How soon in advance should I book for my vaccination appointment?

Ideally, you should come in for a consultation 4-6 weeks before travelling, to ensure you have time to complete a course of vaccinations if recommended. However, it is never too late to come 1 or 2 weeks before your travel.

I am staying in a 5-star resort. Are vaccinations still necessary?

The risk of contracting diseases like hepatitis A and Typhoid exist even for those staying in luxury resorts following good food and water hygiene.

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